“Science teaching gave too much emphasis on the accumulation of information and not enough to Science as a way of thinking and an attitude of mind”

Dewey, 1909 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The core of Science curriculum in Keys School Manila is Inquiry. The students are given opportunities to ask questions and investigate on phenomena they observe. On the other hand, the teachers act as their facilitators who will guide their learning. Topics are arranged thematically allowing the students to recognize the integration of physical and life sciences, as seen in nature.

One highlight of the curriculum is the annual Science Fair Projects. Students develop their own scientific problems, design an investigation or experiment and present their results to peers and science experts like Philippine Science High School, National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education and Scientists in different fields. This year-long project helps develop science skills and processes such as observing, comparing, measuring, analyzing, making inferences, evaluating and communicating.