The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center of Keys School Manila advocates the development of the whole child. Its services provide students with individualized support in their academic, social, emotional and first aid needs. The Center is staffed by a team of professionals: learning support specialists, a guidance counselor and life coaches and a nurse. All of them collaborate with parents and teachers to ensure the effective implementation of support services.

The Learning Support Specialist is a professional who assists students with mild learning difficulties to achieve proficiency in the academic subjects. They spend time in the classrooms where they may work one-on-one with a child with a specific need or with a small group of children of similar needs. In some cases, these students may have social and behavioral difficulties that are directly related to their learning disabilities. The Learning Support Specialist works in cooperation with the Guidance Counselor and Life Coaches.

The Guidance Counselor and Life Coaches use appropriate techniques and interventions for students to acquire essential skills to succeed in the personal and social aspects of their development. They likewise implement a homeroom program with activities geared towards addressing issues specific to the age group.

The Nurse attends to the students’ health and care issues.

Recognizing that a strong partnership between the home and school is key to the success of the child, the Wellness Center organizes parent development talks to help parents cope with the growing and changing needs of raising a child in a technology-driven society.