Physical Education

Keys School Manila believes in a holistic sports development program where students become smart performers who are competent in applying the skills and techniques they had learned in different situations.
In Physical Education, students are purposefully trained to achieve a sound mind and a sound body by developing basic to advance sport skills – fitness, agility, endurance, balance, speed, etc. But the PE program likewise focuses on life skills- proper communication with peers, good teamwork, winning and losing, fair play, post-game analysis- life lessons that help students value, appreciate, and affirm themselves through sports.
The PE program, therefore, is designed to give KSM students every opportunity to discover and hone their natural skills through the guidance of PE coaches, who are the learning facilitators while the “game” itself is the teacher. These games challenge the students’ strategy and decision-making skills.
A culminating activity is organized at the end of each term where students engage in a friendly sport competition to apply the skills they had learned. Families are invited to attend and watch their children in action during this sporting event and may on some occasions, even participate in the games.