KSM recognizes that aesthetic literacy is crucial in unlocking a child’s potential since it is an effective and important medium for expression of thoughts and feelings. Given the significant role of the arts in the holistic development of children, Keys has an Arts Program in the disciplines of visual arts and performing arts.

Arts Main pic

The Keys Arts Curriculum enables the children to:

  • communicate fluently and effectively in the artistic disciplines
  • apply both imagination and rational thinking to the making of art
  • understand the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work
  • present and perform art publicly, with confidence, pride, and distinction
  • use aesthetic literacy as a natural enhancement to learning other subjects
  • understand how world cultures have been historically influenced and shaped by the arts; and,
  • understand the ways in which the arts contribute to contemporary life

The Arts Program also plans social events and initiatives that help the Art Department achieve its goals and objectives. These events and initiatives may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • a Keys Arts Fair
  • various school performances
  • creating spaces for exhibition and display of work within the school
  • consulting with classroom teachers on matters related to arts
  • inviting resource people