To Our Dear Parents and KSM friends,

We’d like to invite you to the Keys School Manila Football and Swimming Varsity Team’s movie screening of Star Wars the Force Awakens on December 17 and December 19. Just like our previous movie event in August, the screening of Inside Out, this Family Movie event is a fundraiser to help support the training and representation needs of the KSM football and swimming teams. A portion of the proceeds will also be given to the KSM professional development fund.

We are happy to share with you that previous fundraising activities were able to significantly help our teams in their competitions against bigger schools! In the last term, KSM football team has been able to garner the following wins:

Silver medal in RIFA’s division 2, for age group 2004-2005, besting 12 other big schools
Gold medal in Merlion Cup, for age group 2005-2006
2 Bronze medals in Merlion Cup, for age group 2007-2008 and age group 2004-2005
Silver medal in RIFA referees cup, for group 2004-2005

The KSM sea warriors have also been successful improving their team standing as follows:

Team standing: meet 1 Swimtastics sept 5, 2015
Boys 13th
Girls 15th
With 3 silver and 2 bronze medals

Team standing: meet 2 Swimtastics nov 28, 2015
Boys 9th place
Girls 7th place
With 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals, 4 bronze medals

As our children compete in these tournaments, they continue to develop the skills and strengths gained through participating in a athletics – perseverance, positive thinking, frustration tolerance, working with and accepting different kinds of people, having fun and gaining satisfaction in doing activities that are physically healthy and engaging. These lessons are important for any child and we have seen these being learned by our kids by being part of the KSM varsity team, under the tutelage of their coaches. With your support we look forward to our varsity teams continuing to learn valuable lessons as they proudly represent Keys School Manila in future tournaments.


Your Varsity Parent Representatives