Welcome to Keys School Manila!

Welcome to Keys School Manila!

Explore our website and get a glimpse of our exceptional program! We advocate that all learners are capable of excellence if their specific skills, needs, and experiences are considered in their learning journey. The learning environment is positive, purposeful, inclusive, and resists a single right answer. Our learners are engaged, self-directed and reflective. They apply their learning to problems and novel situations and reflect on their learning experience. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, think of alternatives, take risks and find solutions. Our teachers are educat...

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My children are blessed to be part of this great learning community. Home to some of the most passionate educators I have ever met!
Nikka Santos
My son loves school! It amazes me how much he likes to share and apply knowledge of lessons learned in school in our daily activities and co...
Ruth Ventura
My son graduated today. From a school that labels itself as an “alternative” grade school. But looking at all 21 of them today, I think to m...
What first attracted us to consider sending Anya to Keys was the progressive approach. This meant a very interactive method of instruction a...
Cocoy Gonzalez
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